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LeFlore County Express Soccer

The recreational league is awesome for youth players (age 4 to 18) who want to play soccer and have fun. Teams practice, play games, learn, and have lots of fun together. All recreational soccer programs rely on volunteer/parent coaches for training and games.

The program also provides an introduction to soccer for younger kids, gradually teaching fundamental soccer skills and principles to the players, in preparation for a fun-filled lifetime of soccer excitement.

The level of play and competition is what differentiates recreational from competitive (classic) and Academy soccer. In the recreational soccer programs, teams are chosen by random player assignment, and the recreational league coaches are expected to play all players at least 50% of the game, regardless of each player’s aptitude.

Our recreational league is co-ed and consists of the following age groups:

Under 5
Under 6
Under 8
Under 10
Under 12
Under 14
Under 16
Under 18*

*if we have enough players who sign up to play

The age group that your child will play in is determined by their birthday as outlined on our registration form.

When signing up to play in the recreational league you will be required to provide the following equipment.

  • Soccer Shoes
  • Shin Guards
  • Soccer ball
  • Shorts

Most recreational teams will play 1 game per week and have 1 practice session per week. Most games are played at Poteau PARC soccer complex. The U12 and up recreational players may travel some for play

The U5 and U6 teams play 3v3.  The U8 teams play 4v4.  The U10 teams play 6v6, and start playing with a goalie.  The U12 teams play 7v7.  U14 and up teams usually play 11 v 11.  

Our club has a 
zero tolerance policy in regards to abusive and obscene language, violent play, violent conduct, fighting and other behavior detrimental to the game.

Group Team Coach
Coed U5 Anderson tba
Coed U5 Brewer Alyssa Brewer
Coed U5 Callaway/House U5 Mandy Callaway
Coed U5 Heavener tba
Coed U5 Knight tba
Coed U6 Atkins tba
Coed U6 Branscum Cassandra Swearingen
Coed U6 Crouch/Long tba
Coed U6 Hebert tba
Coed U6 Killebrew tba
Coed U6 Phillips - U6 tba
Coed U6 Sockey/McConnell tba
Coed U6 Sweeten Wendy Sweeten
Coed U6 Talihina U6 tba
Coed U8 ADAMS U8 Ryan Adams
Coed U8 Brewer Alyssa Brewer
Coed U8 Clark U8 tba
Coed U8 Davies U8 tba
Coed U8 Elizondo Diana Elizondo
Coed U8 Hall U8 tba
Coed U8 Jordan/Yandell tba
Coed U8 Kanehl tba
Coed U8 Moore U8 Carl Moore
Coed U8 Richard tba
Coed U8 Talihina Shedd sara shedd
Coed U10 Chitwood U10 tba
Coed U10 Darneal tba
Coed U10 Dunn- U10 tba
Coed U10 Elizondo Diana Elizondo
Coed U10 Johnson tba
Coed U10 Lackey/Ward Jennifer Ward
Coed U10 Richardson U10 tba
Coed U10 Talihina Kevin smith
Coed U12 ADAMS - U12 Ranada Adams
Coed U12 BELL U12 Joshua Bell
Coed U12 BRITTAIN Tyler Brittain
Coed U12 Heavener tba
Coed U12 Rivera tba
Coed U12 Talihina tba
Coed U15 Dunn tba
Coed U15 MATT MCBEE Matthew McBee