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U5 (born 2013 and later)


MANDY CALLAWAY/LAURA HOUSE 918-385-1394 (gray) (practice Tuesday at 6:15 pm Field 2)

JAMI HACKLER/PEARL EVANS 918-640-6070 (lime green) (practice Thursday at 5:15 pm Field 2)

JENNY HUGGINS 918-839-2434(tie dye) (practice Thursday at 6:15 pm Field 2)

U6 (born 2012)

BUDDY BELL 918-635-5248 (maroon) (practice Monday at 5:15 pm Field 1)

CROUCH/LONG/BRANSTETTER 918-839-9218 (grey) (practice Thursday at 6:15 pm Field 1)

GIBSON/HEBERT 918-721-4641 (navy with grey) (practice Tuesday at 6:15 pm Field 1)

JOHNSON 918-839-3099 (lime green) (practice Tuesday at 5:15 pm Field 1)

ADAM PHILLIPS - 918-647-6957 (green) (practice Wednesday at 5:15 pm Field1)

REEVES/TALIHINA 918-917-0009 (coral) (practice in Talihina)

SWEETEN 570-750-1669 (teal)(practice Thursday at 6:15 pm Field 4)

SWEARINGEN 479-459-0970

U8 (born 2010 and 2011)

RYAN ADAMS - 918-649-7846 (royal blue/orange) (practice Friday at 5:00 pm Field 1)

SCOTT CLARK - 918-635-5833 (yellow)

CALEB DAVIES 479-806-2401 (blue) (practice Friday 5:15 pm at Field 5)

ELIZONDO 918-839-2555 (maroon and black) (practice Monday at 5:15 pm Field 3)

RACHEL GOODE 918-9830018 (black and charcoal grey) 

SHANNA HALL 918-647-1995(turquoise) (practice Monday at 5:15 pm Field 1)

HILL 918-385-1926 (orange) (practice Thursday at 5:30 pm on Field 2)

SARAH JORDAN/KENDRA YANDELL 405-406-1111 (crimson) (Friday at 5:15 pm Field 2)

CARL MOORE - 479-651-5090 (green and blue) (practice Tuesday at 5:15 pm Field 1)

KEN RICHARD 479-461-2472

U10 (born 2008 and 2009)

WESLEY BATES - 918-465-7045 (black) (practice Tuesday at 5:15 pm and Thursday 5:15 pm)

KAEGAN CLARK 9 918-635-5387 (practice Tuesday at 5:15 pm)

MEGAN DUNN - 918-839-7900 (gray) (practice Monday at 6:15 pm and Friday at 4:30 pm)

ARIANA JOHNSON 918-839-3044 (neon orange/blue) (practice Tuesday at 6:15 pm at Field 5)

LACKEY 479-221-6615 (dark blue) (practiceTuesday at 6:15 pm and Thursday at 6:15 pm)

LACI RICHARDSON 918-721-8995 (green) (practice Monday at 6:15 pm and Wednesday at 5:15 pm)

U12 (born 2006 and 2007)

RANADA ADAMS - 918-649-7863 (royal blue and orange) (practice Friday at 5:15 pm)

JOSHUA BELL - 918-208-8519 (hot pink and black) (practice Tuesday at 5:15 pm and Thursday at 5:15 pm)

BRITTAIN - 479-561-0777 (hunters camo) (practice Tuesday at 6:15 pm and Thursday at 6:15 pm)

RIVERA - 918-721-1819 (red) (practice Wednesday at 5:15 pm)

TALIHINA (KEVIN SMITH) 918-839-1197 (carolina blue) (practice in Talihina)

YAKEL - 918-839-2254 (bright green) (practice Tuesday at 5:15 pm and Thursday at 5:15 pm)

U15 (born 2003 through 2005)

MEGAN DUNN 918-839-7900 (gray) (practice Monday at 5:15 pm and Friday at 5:15 pm)

WES BATES 918-465-7045 (black) (practice Tuesday at 6:15 pm and Thursday at 6:15 pm)

MATT MCBEE-  918-658-4794 (red/black) (practice Friday at 6:15 pm)


Each Coach shall be responsible for being familiar with the all-applicable Bylaws, Standing Resolutions, and the Code of Ethics;Each coach shall be responsible for insuring that LeFlore County Soccer Association Rules of Competition are complied with by players and spectators for referees, players, and others involved with the game;

Each coach shall be responsible for and commit to meeting and maintaining compliance with the requirements of the Leflore County Soccer Association;

Each coach shall assure that all his players are properly registered prior to participation in scheduled games;

Each coach shall be responsible for training and conditioning his players and for conducting weekly practices;

All team meetings shall be considered team activities. Ths includes games, practices, scrimmages, and instructional meetings in which over half of the players from the same team participate under the supervision of a coach or adult;

Recreational team practices for U8 and below shall be limited to one (1) during any calendar week plus games, and team practices for U10 and up shall be limited to two (2) during any calendar week plus games. The calendar week shall begin on Saturday.

No recreational team practice, scrimmage, or instructional meeting shall exceed 90 minutes in duration;


Oklahoma Soccer Association –– Youth Coaches Code of Ethics

Soccer is a player’s game. The paramount concern of each coach is the development, welfare, enjoyment, and safety of each individual player.

A coach bears the responsibility for teaching each individual player to strive for success while playing fairly, observing the laws of the game while displaying the highest level of sportsmanship.

A coach is responsible for cultivating each individual player’s love of the game.

Each coach carries the responsibility for teaching character building values such as respect, hard work, perseverance, courage, trust, honesty, humility and pride to each individual player.

Each coach shall seek to improve his/her knowledge of the game and coaching to ensure that he/she is providing age appropriate information and the best development experience to each individual player.

Each coach shall treat officials with respect and dignity and shall teach each individual player to do the same.

ALL opponents are worthy of being treated with respect. A coach will model such respect for opponents and expect each individual player to do the same.

In both victory and defeat, the behavior of the coach shall model grace, dignity and composure.

Each coach shall adhere to the highest standards and regulations of the institutions he/she represents: clubs, schools, sponsoring organizations and sports governing bodies.

Coach shall model inclusive behavior, actively supporting cultural diversity while opposing all types of discrimination, including but not limited to, racism and sexism, at all levels of the games.

Each coach is responsible for taking an active role in education about prevention and treatment of drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse in the lives of each individual player.

A coach shall refrain from all manner of personal abuse and harassment of others, whether verbal, physical, emotional or sexual and shall oppose such abuse and harassment at all levels of the game.

A coach shall respect the declared affiliations of each individual player.

A coach shall seek to honor those who uphold the highest standards and principles of soccer and shall use appropriate protocol to oppose and eliminate all behavior that brings disrepute to the sport: violence, abuse, dishonesty, disrespect, and violations of the laws of the game and rules governing competition.

Advantage:  A decision by the referee to disregard a foul by the defensive team if a stoppage in play would benefit the team that committed the violation.  This allows the team on offense to maintan its playing advantage

Beat:  To get the ball around an opponent by dribbling or shooting

Breakaway:  When an attacker with the ball makes it past the last defender and is on his way toward the goal for a one-on-one showdown with the goalkeeper.

Clearing:  Happens when a team kicks the ball out of its defensive zone, ending an offensive threat by the opposing team.

Cross:  A kick made near the sideline toward the middle of the field to get the ball closer to the front of the goal.

Corner arcs:  A quarter-circle located at each of the four corners of the field.  On a corner kick, the ball must be kicked from inside this arc.

Chip:  A short, lofted pass or shot

Dribble:  The basic skill of advancing the ball with the feet while controlling it.

Drop ball:  A restart when the ball is dropped between two players and may only be played once it has touched the ground.

Goal area:  A rectangular area extending from the goal line.  Used to designated where goal kicks are taken.

Hat trick:  Three or more goals scored in a game by a single player.

Half volley:  A kick of the ball just as it is rebounding off the ground.

Header:  When a player controls or strikes a ball in the air, using their head.

Juggling:  Keeping the ball in the air with any part of the body (no hands or arms).  Used for practice and developing coordination.

Marking:  Closely defending a player to prevent him from receiving the ball or advancing the ball by dribbling or passing. 

Penalty area:  Rectanglular area extending 18 yards from the goal line (modified for small sided games).  Goalkeepers only can use their hands within their Penalty area.  Any foul against the defending team resulting in a direct kick inside this area, results in a penalty kick for the attacking team.

Receiving:  When a player uses his body to slow down and control a moving ball.  Most often this is done using the chest, thigh or foot.

Slide tackle:  An attempt by a defender to take the ball away form a dribbler by sliding on the ground feet first into the ball.

Tackle:  A move to take the ball away from an opponent's feet.

Throw-in:  The only time a field player may use their hands.  Used to bring the ball back in play after it has crossed out of bounds on the sidelines.  Two hands must be used and the ball must be thrown from behind the player's head.  Both feet must be on the ground and behind the sideline.

Volley:  A kick made while the ball is in the air, before it touches the ground.  Can be for a clearance or to shoot on goal.

Wall:  Players stand as a line or wall to protect the goal against a free kick.  

There are typically 11 players on the field for each team during the game.  (younger age groups have fewer players).  There are no required formations, but most teams will use three forwards, three midfielders, four back/defenders and a goalkeeper.  Positions are very fluid as any player may score a goal and all players may drop back to defend.

Goalkeeper:  The goalkeeper (or keeper) is responsible for defending the goal and any shots that come toward it. Only the keeper can put his hands or arms on the ball, in the penalty area surrounding the goal.

Forwards:  The forwards (also called attackers or strikers) are the team's primary offense.  Their role is to advance the ball and score goals.

Midfielders:  Midfielders play behind the forwards and in front of the defense and their job is to assist both of these groups.  Generally, they'll  receive the ball from the defenders and advance it to the forwards to score goals.

Defenders:  (Also called fulbacks).  In soccer, everyone plays offense and defense, depending on when their team possesses the ball.  Specialized defensive positions are sweepers and stoppers, depending on the type of formation a team may use.

Substitutes:  Any player who does not start the game, but is eligible to come off the bench.  In recreational play it is recommended that alll players receive equal playing time.  In older age groups and more competitive levels, substitutes may be used less frequent.  Typically in youth games, substitutes may only enter the field with the referee's permission during a stoppage of play, and when their team has posession of the ball on throw-ins and goal kicks. 

  To run into an opponent.  This is legal if done from the front or side of the ball carrier.  However, it is illegal against a player without the ball or from behind.

Hand ball:  A foul where a player (other than the keeper in the penalty area) deliberately touches the ball with his hand or arm.  The opposing team is awarded a direct free kick.

Holding:  When an opponent's movement is obstructed with either hands or arms, a direct kick is awarded.

Officials:  (Referees)  The official protects the players and enforces the rules.  The referee officiates the game and is on the field with the players.  The refereee keeps the official time.  The assistant referees each patrol on half of the field, from opposite sidelines.  Their job is to provide assistance to the referee only.  AR's as they are called, use a flag to signal to the referee and to the players when the ball is out of bounds, when a player is potentially offside, or they have seen a foul committed.  The referee makes the final determination whether or not to blow the whistle.

Tripping:  If a player uses any part of his body to trip an opposing player, a direct kick is awarded.

Offside:  (does not apply in u6-u10 small-sided games) Occurs when a player positions himself nearer to the opponent's goal line than both the ball and the second-to-last opponent.  No fewer than two defenders (usually the goalkeeper and one other defender) must be nearer to the goal line than the attacker.  The person advancing with the ball must be the first to cross the line of defense.

A player in an offside positiion is only penalized if, at the moment the ball is played by a teammate, he is, in the opinion of the referee, involved in active play, or interfering with play or any opponent, or gaining an advantage by being in that position.  When a player who is in a offside position receives the ball from a teammate or is involved directly in the play, an offside is called and an indirect free kick is awarded to the defense.

Red card:  (Serious misconduct, violent play, offensive language or intentionally denying a goal).  Immediate ejection from the game.  The team may not replace this player, and will play shorthanded for the remainder of the game.

Yellow card:  (Caution) Shown to a player by the referee for dangerous or unsportsmanlike behavior.  If a player is shown two yellow cards in one game, it is an anutomatic ejection from the game. 

Corner kick:
  awarded to the attacking team if the defense knocks the ball out of bounds over their own endline.  The kick is taken from the corner nearest where the ball went out of bounds.  A goal can be scored directly from a corner kick.

Goal kick:  Awarded to the defense when the attacking team knocks the ball out of bounds over the end line.  The kick is taken from within the goal area, and must clear the penalty area before being touched by anohter player.  Extremely rare and unlikely, but a goal can be scored directly from a goal kick.

Free kick:  Awarded by the referee due to an infraction of the rules.  The kick is generally taken from the spot in which the infraction took place.  The defending team must be a minimum of 10 yards away from the ball (modified for small-sided games).  There are two kinds of free kicks (direct and indirect), determined by the serverity of the infraction.

Direct kick:  Awarded when a serious foul is commmitted against another player.  This is a free kick in which a goal can be scored directly by the kicker.  Some fouls resulting in a direct kick are holding, striking, tripping, pushing and hand balls.

Indirect kick:  Awarded when an infraction of the rules has taken place or a less serious foul has been committed. On an indirect kick, a goal cannot be scored unless the ball is touched by a second player.  Some minor fouls or infractions resulting in an indirect kick are offside and dangerous play.

Penalty kick:  A direct kick is awarded to the attacking team when a major foul is committed by a defender inside his own penalty area.  The kick is taken from the penalty spot.   Only the kicker and the keeper are allowed in the penalty area.  The goalkeeper must be on the goal line until the ball is kicked. 

Sportsmanship is important for kids to learn.  Set a good example on the sidelines by offering positive encouragement and support.

Weather can be unpredictable.  Be prepared by bringing sunscreen, rain jackets, blankets, etc.

Proper hydration is key to a good game.  Be sure to bring plenty of water for kids to drink both before and after their practicies and games.  Healthy snacks like orange wedges, grapes and sports drinks are also good for replenishing nutrients after strenuous activity. 

Get to the soccer field early.  Players need adequate time to warm up and stretch fefore practice or game time.
Last, First Name
Adams, Ranada
Adams, Ryan
Anaya, Ashley
Anaya, Ashley
Baker, Chelsea
Bandy, China
Bates, Wesley
Battiest, Christina
Bell, Buddy
Bell, Joshua
Belt, Jennifer
Bradley, Zachary
Brittain, Tyler
Brown, Shelly
Callaway, Mandy
Chitwood, Jenny
Clark, JOnathan
Davies, Caleb
Davis, Christian
Dunn, Graham
Egbert, John
Elizondo, Diana
Espinoza, Edwin
Falkner, Jason
Flanagan, Steven
Garcia, Marlene
Gibson, Jeff
Gibson, Jeff
Hackler, Jami
Hall, Shanna
Hash, Ross
Hensley, Allan
Hensley, Jerry
Hess, Brittney
Hill, Melissa
House, Laura
Johnson, Jake
Keller, Donna
Killebrew, Alisha
Killebrew-Martin, Alisha
Lackey, Latishia
Lane, Johnathan
Leming, Jake
Long, Amber
Long, Dustin
Madume, Amber
Madume, Felton
McBee, Matthew
McCoy, Michelle
Moore, Carl
Phillips, Adam
Richard, Annie
Richard, Kenny
Richard, Kenny
Richardson, Laci
Rivera, Rogelio
Shupert, Nick
Smith, Adora
Smith, James
smith, Kevin
Smith, Kevin
Sockey, Steven
stankewitz, cortney
Stover, Shadd
Swearingen, Cassandra
Sweeten, Wendy
Thompson, Kelli
Thompson, Kelli
Tucker, Justin
Walker, Tonya
Ward, Jennifer
Weaver, Randy
Whitworth, Lyle
Woodral, Gerald
Woodral, Gerald
Yakel, Cara
Yakel, Matthew
Yandell, Kendra