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LeFlore County Express Soccer


The object of LCSA shall be to provide:

(1) a learning environment for all youth ages to play soccer

(2) an experience that allows families to cherish their time together and where athletes, regardless of their capabilities, can develop, compete and learn in a positive and fun environment

(3) focus on enhanced individual as well as team achievement and instill self-confidence regardless of a player’s skill level

(4) teach life lessons and positive character traits such as good sportsmanship, fair play, the importance of a team, to always do your best, to never giving up, to respecting your opponents and the officials, and to honor of the game

(5) where decisions related to rules, programs or processes are done in a manner to benefit the collective whole or a significant majority of the kids (players) membership of the club or club program, and

(6) receive gifts or donations to promote the health, welfare and recreation of the general public through the sport of soccer.

Implementation or lack thereof of any rule, program or process for the benefit of a single child is presumed to be at the expense of many others in the collective whole and shall not be permitted.  Exceptions to the rule may be obtained through successful appeals to the Leflore County Soccer Association Board, not a single Leflore County Soccer Association Board Member and will be available to all Members. 

Board Members: Ranada Adams, Megan Dunn, Sarah Jordan, Adam Phillips, Josh Bell, Jamilyn Knight