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LeFlore County Express Soccer


Welcome to the LeFlore County Oklahoma Express Soccer Club.  We strive to offer you the best soccer culture and experience for our athletes.  Express Soccer is a non-profit organization committed to promoting the wonderful sport of soccer by providing a positive and fun atmosphere for the youth.

Tentative schedule for the Fall 2018 season:

The last weekend for regularly scheduled games will be 10/27;
There will be a bye weekend 10/20, unless it is used for makeups.
Registration fees will be $45. There will be a $5 discount for early registration and a $5 sibling discount.

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Field Status

10/17 The soccer fields are closed today  

Please check here or on our Facebook page to find out if the fields are open. The gates to the fields are not closed during the season, and so the gates being open does not indicate that the fields are open for practice.

We will post whether the fields are open on Facebook each day there is a question by approximately 3:30 pm.

If a game has started play and it starts lightning the game is to be postponed/cancelled immediately.

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